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Beckbury provides on-site professional services and remote support that is tailored to meet customer specified requirements across different industry sectors and technology platforms.


We blend together our service offerings depending on the customer expectations for the delivery of on-site professional services whilst making the best use of technology to accelerate the resolution time for escalated issues.


Beckbury customise our services proposals for professional services and remote support to ensure that your IT infrastructure and applications are given the highest priority by our engineering team.

Beckbury take great pride in the quality and calibre of the consulting team that is utilised for customer engagements linked to IT strategy, transformation and operational effectiveness.


Our consultants help each customer to improve business value from technology investments and making IT strategy the starting point for all consulting exercises, so that any recommendations are clearly linked to your business goals.


Beckbury consulting is always focused on making sure that business pain points are addressed in the short term via continuous improvements before making any significant commitment to transition critical systems across to a future state.


Our consultancy services are underpinned by industry standards and best practice for the management of programs and projects, whilst being flexible enough to utilise any existing procedures within customer organisations.


Beckbury ensure that transition periods are managed using a clearly documented transformation plan that focuses on the harmonisation of IT infrastructure, modernisation of business applications or a combination of both in certain scenarios.

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